While walking Reba, my Potcake dog from the Bahamas, this morning I began pondering relationships, and no I don’t know why I just did, and realized that I have a wonderful number of friends and acquaintances. What dawned on me was the wide range of relationships that I have of people in different places, ages and interests. What really stunned me though was the number of artist friends I have. You may be thinking why is that surprising, after all you are an artist, and while that is true I have found at times that hasn’t always been true.

In years past I have had a large number of non artist friends and just a few artist friends. At times it seemed artist were competing with each other and did not want to let anyone close to them that might find out their “secrets” of how they created their work or where they might show work. But the revelation I had today was that every one of the artist friends I know at this time in my life are all giving and caring people who do not try to hide behind their work. They embrace the art community whole heartedly and are willing to help each other by passing on information regarding shows, collectors, galleries, techniques and different mediums.

My other revelation was that I have artist friends who are as young as 10 years old and on into the age where many are what many would call seniors, but what I refer to as people who have found where they belong in life. It doesn’t matter what your age is or where you are from or what your life has been. Art is there for anyone who chooses to pursue it. Art has no boundaries or expectations. Art allows you to be who you are, you just have to want to accept it and not fight it.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off of our souls.”

Pablo Picasso