Musings of a Baby Boomer

Once upon a time there was an artist born, along with many others, during the Baby Boomer era. She grew up during the era of full gallery representation to a time when there were fewer galleries representing artists. Thus an entire generation of artists were left with limited ways of selling their work, and of course artists weren’t supposed to want monetary gain from their work during that time. What were they to do!!!!!

Enter the internet. Things moved quickly, to quickly for many of us, and a constant game of marketing catch up began. Trying to move between what had worked for generations to what might work to what is working. For many this has been frustrating, vexing and tiresome.

Next we had the Generation X, Millennials, and now the iGen or GenZ. All of these groups have grown up computer savvy, internet savvy, conversant in the ways of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.. They have learned of vastly different worlds and way of looking at life at their fingertips.

One of the items learned has been how to market on the internet and make a living at it. They have changed the art world in many ways for the better. Other ways, I am not so sure.

However, this baby boomer has had to confront this or allow herself to become obsolete. So I opened a Facebook account (personal and business) and did what I had read to do. Nothing happened. So next was instagram, Same thing. Luckily, I have had the pleasure of meeting artists who are smart in this and have met a young man who is helping artists market themselves and their work. So here was the next step.

I began going to the seminars being given and trying to learn. I have hired him to help me learn how to market. He has taught me many things and I have tried to do them, although I often can’t figure out what I am to post that would interest people. But the most dreaded of all moments arrived at the last seminar. I was told I must Vlog!!!

Other artists have been advised to blog,vlog, youtube, online teaching, etc., and they are doing very well. And so will I.

My internet abilities may be limited, but I have a whole life of art behind me that I can share with a new generation, and hopefully, I will also be a role model for those of my generation.

Tolstoy wrote “True life is lived when tiny changes occurs.” This is so true.