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Last weekend I had the opportunity to do an artist tour with the Artists of the Superstitions and had a wonderful time.  Not only did I get to meet new friends but I also learned a great deal about paying it forward.  All of the artists I was with were so helpful and giving of themselves and their time to help me learn more about presenting my art and ways to earn money as an artist.
I have been extremely blessed with friends and family who have been there to help and guide me in my life and my career.  I can only hope that I can pay it forward to others who might need  help.
One of the things I learned this weekend is that people enjoy greeting cards.  So I am now beginning a line a greeting cards that will incorporate my paintings and drawings on them.  This is going to be a new and exciting experience for me, and one I am looking forward to.

Spring has come to Arizona, and with it new beginnings.  Not only for nature, but for me as well.

'I am going to notice the lights of the earth, the sun and the moon and the stars, the lights of our candles as we march, the lights with which spring teases us, the light that is already present.'   Anne Lamot

Women Artists Rising


On Friday and Saturday I and my friends held an art show at a wonderful venue in Gilbert, Arizona.  The show was held at Thrive Coworking for Women, which is located in downtown Gilbert.  If you are a business woman or a woman just looking for a place for women please check them out.

The title of the show was Women Artist Rising and comprised of 10 women artists.  Happily, I had been invited to be one of the artists showing.

We had a great turnout and great art showing the power and love of women through their art.  Other artists that were at the show with me were Roxanne Bryan, Barbara Swanson, Miranda Gamel, TaLIsa Lopez-Garcia and others.

The image on this post was purchased and part of the proceeds from that sale went to a group called Winged Hope.  They are a group that assists women and children in need.  Please check them out.

If you happen to be in the area of Surprise, Arizona please drop in at the WHAM Gallery at 16560 N. Dysart Road.  The current show there is Interpretations III, and there is some really beautiful art there by Arizona artist.  Of course I have 2 works there, Best Friends and Simple Pleasures.  The show will run until March 28, 2018.

Last, I would like to post a loving goodby to a dear friend who taught me much in a short time.  Angel Elquest was a much love and respected artist who past much to soon.  Her art and her beauty as a person will be greatly missed.  She loved all people and especially children.  One foundation close to her heart was Angel Heart Foundation, please feel free to check it out at angelheartfoundation.org.

"Angels go through so much to be with us, guide us and protect us.  Take time to pay attention to the many blessings we are given.  Be blessed today and always."  Angel Elquest

My 1st Blog!


Friday, March 02, 2018

Welcome to my blog!  My name is PJ and I have been painting and drawing about 60 years.  I've always loved painting or drawing animals and people, however it has just been in the last couple of years that I have found my happy place in my work.  My journey is continuous and, as you can tell, life long.

I will be writing about art and my life long pursuit of it.  The main goal of my work is to capture moments in time and to hopefully give the viewer a memory from life.  Some works will be shown in process so you can see how paintings are developed, and so there will be times when you will see the "ugly" of a painting, as there can not be beauty without the "ugly".

Other times you will learn about the shows I am in and where I will be showing.  Most of the time fully finished paintings will be posted.  There will be times I will just talk about the life of an artist and the joys of being an artist. 

Please join me on my journey.